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Caring Science Integration

Submitted by the CEPD

The FY2021-2023 Nursing and PCS Strategic Plan includes

Caring Science integration as

Priority 2: Our Customer-Patient and Family Experience:

Empathy and Compassion-Through integrating Caring Science into our delivery of care, nursing education, competencies and recognition.

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Micro-practices embedding
Caring Science into the culture at SHC
are present throughout our clinical settings.

Supporting Nurse Resilience on COVID-19 Units

Ali Abolfazli, MS, MSN, RN,

PMHNP-BC, NPDS Psych Liaison

E3 Resiliency Practices

Yelena Korpacheva, BSN, RN, ONS, CN IV, Interim APCM E3 AAU

The Leader Within

Susan Murphy, BSN, RN, CNS,

PCM Dialysis

Self Care Includes Mindfulness

Leticia Cortez, MSN, RN, PCCN, SCRN, CN IV, Unit Educator, L5

The Caritas Nurse/ Caritas Partner
Humanistic Care Certificate Program

In 2021, In collaboration with Watson Caring Science Institute® (WCSI), the Stanford Center for Education and Professional Development (CEPD) created a unique, interprofessional certificate program introducing participants to Watson Caring Science theory and translation into practice. This Humanistic Care Certificate Program will equip human caring professionals with practical tools to enhance professional caring practices in their work environments. Through dynamic inquiry and dialogue, participants will explore the diverse lived experiences of patients, families, communities, and colleagues through the lenses of human caring, empowering them to transform practice, live, and work with deeper meaning, purpose, dignity, and wholeness. The three-month, five-module certificate program incorporates interactive online instruction, virtual small group work, one-to-one coaching relationship with dedicated SHC Caritas Coaches, and completion of a Caring Science practice-based integration project related to promoting human caring consciousness within their areas of work. Certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the program and recognized at SHC as “Caritas Nurse or Caritas Partner.”

The program integrates current introductory courses from WCSI as Module 1 of the program and build upon that foundation through the remaining modules and final project presentation and graduation ceremony:

Module 1: Caring Science, Mindful Practice - Introduction to Caring Science
Module 2: Creating Caring Consciousness - Translating Caritas for Self and Systems 
Module 3: Creating a Moral, Caring Community - Deepening Human to Human Caring Connections 
Module 4: Communitas and Sacred Activism - Grounding Knowledge into Social Justice, Advocacy, & Informed Moral Action 
Module 5: Graduation Day & Project Presentations


Caritas Nurse

  • Kourtnie Avery-Chung
  • Vania Bernatsky
  • Jacqueline Campbell
  • Eva Chen
  • Alicia Cherubino
  • Anna Cornel
  • Kikuno Gilbride
  • Jade Gunnerson
  • Leah McFadden
  • Kimberely Pavela
  • Elizabeth Pincus
  • Sarah Proctor
  • Sandra Ruiz
  • Sukhbinder Sanga
  • Christin Thankachan
  • Amy Leung
  • Brittaney West
  • Eun-young "Jackie"Hwang
  • Hannah Nicklas
  • Joanne Meneses
  • Kirsten Calverley
  • Leanne Medina
  • Maria Victoria T Paz
  • Megan S
  • Quyen Ly
  • Samantha A Furgason
  • Manisha M Patel
  • Sayoko Kamei
  • Valeria Sharetskaya

Caritas Partner

  • Carolina Zubiri
  • Charles Tigard 
  • Deborah Bolding
  • Jenna McDaniel 
  • Joseph Carlucci
  • Sonal Kapoor
  • Roxabeth Frausto
  • Sandra Villafan
  • Shelby Mcginnis
  • Winter Brown

Caritas Coach

  • Paras Barnett 
  • Dale Beatty 
  • Liz Borgueta
  • Maribeth Cambridge
  • Debbie Childs-Alson
  • Jonathan Clevinger
  • Sarah Devincenzi
  • Eddah General
  • Mojgan Haririfar
  • Grissel Hernandez
  • Heather Jenkins
  • Yelena Korpacheva
  • Lauran Milklosey
  • Gisso Oreo
  • Stephanie Radcliffe
  • Pauline Regner
  • Molly Rodriguez
  • Kevin Tsui
  • Maleka Virani
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