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Elevating a Culture of Safe & High Quality Care:
NDNQI Survey & Vizient

NDNQI and Vizient are programs that Stanford uses to benchmark our care, with the ultimate goal of providing our "customers," our much loved patients, their families, and our community, with safe, high quality care.

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NDNQI contains questions about:

  • Tasks

  • Nurse-Nurse Interactions

  • Nurse-Physician Interactions

  • Decision-making

  • Autonomy

  • Professional status

  • Pay

  • Nurse Management

  • Nursing Administration

  • Professional Development Opportunity

  • Professional Development Access

The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) Survey, also known as the Nursing 
Satisfaction Survey, was created by the American Nurses Association (ANA) to provide a centralized location for all national nursing data. The focus of this survey is to assess the impact of healthcare restructuring on safety and quality patient care. The goal of this Press Ganey survey is to demonstrate that RNs make the difference in providing safe, high-quality patient care. The results are used to aid nursing in enhancing patient safety and initiating quality improvement efforts. SHC's results are benchmarked with other hospitals across the country.


After completing our survey in October 2021, the results are shared across the organization so top issues can be prioritized and meaningful work climate improvements can be made within SHC. SHC's average unit response rate of 83% surpassed the national average unit response rate by 11%! Congratulations to all on your commitment to building a dynamic culture of change.

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Click below to scroll through the NDNQI WOW photos!

Vizient's 2021 Quality and Accountability Rankings

In 2021, Stanford Medicine was again recognized by Vizient, the nation's leading health care performance improvement company, as a top performer for inpatient and ambulatory care. Through comprehensive and rigorous benchmarking, as well as celebrating top health care performers, Vizient drives health care organizations to continually improve in performance and quality by promoting exceptional, cost-effective care.  For Vizient's 2021 Quality and Accountability Rankings, SHC ranked #10 among over 100 national peer academic medical centers.

The inpatient care was ranked on five domains of care:

  • safety

  • mortality

  • effectiveness

  • efficiency

  • patient-centeredness

For ambulatory care, SHC was #5 out of over 50 ambulatory care centers. The ambulatory care ranking was based on:

  • access to care

  • quality of care

  • efficiency of care

  • continuum of care

  • equity of care


Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, 2021 was an incredible year for Stanford Medicine, this impressive accomplishment is evidence of each and every person across the organization's hard work and commitment to a culture of clinical excellence. 

The Bernard A. Birnbaum, MD, Quality Leadership Award measures performance based on safety, mortality, clinical effectiveness, efficiency, and patient-centeredness from the Vizient Clinical Data Base, core measures data, the HCAHPs survey, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Healthcare Safety Network.  The Ambulatory Care Quality and Accountability Award is determined from performance in five domains:

  • access to care 

  • quality 

  • efficiency 

  • continuum of care 

  • equity

Stanford Medicine scored in the top 10% of academic medical centers for inpatient and outpatient care. In the midst of the pandemic, SHC never ceased providing excellent care to our patients.

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