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Patricia Britt 

Recipient of the Isaac Stein Award for Compassionate Care

Patricia “Trish” Britt, started her career at Stanford in 2012 as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. She quickly demonstrated her leadership skills and was appointed as the Patient Care Manager for two of our busiest medicine units, B3 and C3. In 2018, Trish joined the Nursing Professional Practice and Clinical Improvement team as the Director of Professional Practice, overseeing the team of clinical nurse specialists, the diabetes management team, and the Sepsis program.

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When the COVID pandemic reached SHC, Trish was asked to use her
clinical knowledge and talents for organizing and optimizing projects working with supply chain leaders to ensure adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) was available to SHC staff. She was instrumental in developing policies, protocols and education materials on the proper use of PPE for staff at all levels, all while continuing to grow and oversee the Professional Practice team.  As the pandemic progressed, Trish has been recognized as a clinical expert of COVID, and her talents for managing complex systems were called upon to assist with additional COVID-related activities.


She has been recognized by colleagues, physicians, and senior leaders across the enterprise for her oversight of Patient Care Services’ (PCS) clinical response to the pandemic and has recently assumed the interim role of Director for COVID Clinical Pandemic Response. One would be remiss in not mentioning that Trish has accomplished all of this while caring for her family and working towards a Doctoral degree in nursing. The Isacc Stein Award for Compassionate Care is presented annually by the SHC Board of Directors to an individual who represents the highest personal and professional standards that SHC strives for in all aspects of service.

Congratulations to Trish! Stanford is truly fortunate to have her as a part of our clinical team.

Salem Paschal

Recipient of the Isaac Stein Award for Compassionate Care

On October 27, 2021, Stanford Healthcare awarded Salem Paschal, MSN, RN, the Isaac Stein Award for Compassionate Care. Salem, the Director of Clinical Inpatient Access and Clinical Support, was recognized for her transformational leadership in the Contingency Staffing Operation Center (CSOC, also known as the Labor Pool).


Throughout the ups and downs of the pandemic, she paved the way to develop processes and protocols to ensure that Stanford Healthcare had the necessary personnel support to meet the needs of our patients. Salem's oversight of the CSOC involved assessing areas that were both under and overstaffed with her team and reallocating nurses based on their ICU and AAU skills and experience. Additionally, she and her team collaborated with other departments to create training plans, manage costs, and evaluate staff competency.

Congratulations on your well-deserved award and thank you for your compassionate leadership, Salem!


Leean Rodolfich

Recipient of the Thomas A. Gonda Award for Leadership

Leean Rodolfich, MSN, RN received the prestigious Thomas A. Gonda Award for Leadership for the 2020 fiscal year. Leean was previously the Patient Care Manager for L4, a neurosurgery AAU, and is currently the Patient Care Manager for the Response Team. Gonda Awards are given to employees who, in the spirit of Dr. Gonda, have demonstrated dedication through exceptional and exemplary service.

Leean exhibited Transformational Leadership by cultivating a positive work environment, boosting staff morale, and promoting quality patient care. She has encouraged her team to advance their education, develop professionally, and accelerate their nursing careers. Under her leadership, L4’s certification rates have increased by an astonishing 270%. With Leean’s support, her engaged team of

nurses are excited about advancing on the PNDP ladder and some nurses are pursuing SHC's ICU training program. Additionally, Leean’s inspirational leadership style has sparked a desire in some of L4’s nurses to go back to school to pursue their MSN.


While supporting her L4 AAU staff, Leean has been an influential leader during the opening of a brand new COVID-19 ICU. She has worked diligently to build her core staff, develop her team, and learn the emerging COVID-19 workflows, all while supporting her AAU team members.


Thank you, Leean, for serving as a role model of a dynamic, influential, and truly transformational leader!

These three leaders are among the many pivotal leaders here at Stanford Nursing.

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