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At SHC, we strive to meaningfully recognize our exemplary nurses for all that they do. These methods of recognition include the C-I-CARE cards, virtual C-I-CARE cards, the DAISY Awards, and the Friends of Nursing Scholarships and Grants, to name a few.

DAISY Awards

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The DAISY Awards are given out quarterly to recognize and thank exemplary nurses who exhibit compassionate bedside care, courage, integrity, and excellent nursing skill to their patients and families.  On a daily basis, SHC nurses provide extraordinary care that some nurses view as “just part of the job.” Therefore, SHC honors these brilliant nurses for the difference they make in their patient’s lives. Corresponding with the Magnet principles of acknowledging the meaningful impact of nurses, increased organization-wide visibility and communication, and enhanced patient care outcomes, Daisy Awards are a nurse’s chance to shine and promote their exceptional nursing practice. 

The DAISY Program has been run for over a decade by Elisa Nguyen, DNP, RN, CMSRN, and is currently in partnership with Nursing Excellence. 

Introducing Stanford Nursing's
Exemplary 2021 DAISY Awardees

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Friends of Nursing


The Friends of Nursing (FON) is a philanthropic program that has been at SHC since 1981. Donations to FON supports the elevation of professional nursing excellence by providing financial assistance and grants to SHC nurses who:

  • are working towards advancing their nursing education 

  • participate in professional organizations 

  • implement evidence-based practice improvement projects

  • support the patient or staff educational projects

In 2019 the Friends of Nursing bylaws were revised to reflect the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet components. Currently, FON scholarships and grants are given under the categories of:

  • Transformational leadership or exemplary professional practice (evidence-based practice projects)

  • New knowledge or structural empowerment (educational initiatives) 

Introducing Stanford Nursing's
Inspirational Friends of Nursing Recipients


M5's Hero Walk for Living Kidney Donors

"As Unit Educator, I am so proud of the excellent patient care our M5 nurses provide. In the last year we initiated a Hero Walk for our living kidney donors, supported by a Friends of Nursing Grant. We take a moment to recognize our heroic living kidney donors with a t-shirt and thank you card during interdisciplinary rounds on the day of discharge. This small gesture not only provides well-deserved recognition to our donors, but it also gives our staff a moment of gratitude as we rarely get a chance to celebrate the happy moments. I am thankful to work with such amazing coworkers who really embrace projects like this and it’s a big reason I love being an M5 nurse!"

-Dominique Stall, BSN, RN, PCCN, CCTN, Clinical Nurse IV, M5 Unit Educator

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From a Friends of Nursing Grant:
Yelena Korpacheva's Resiliency Project

On Acuity Adaptable Unit E3, when a nurse transfers a patient to the ICU or a patient passes away, the nurse receives a thoughtful resiliency gift bag to recognize their grief, show empathetic support during a difficult time and to comfort the nurse's spirit. This resiliency project intends to prevent compassion fatigue among healthcare professionals.

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This project was supported by Friends of Nursing (FON) in collaboration with E3 unit's leadership and the unified E3 team championed by Yelena Korpacheva, BSN, RN, CN IV.


A Special Thank You Message from CNE Dale Beatty

For more Nurses Week 2021 celebratory photos, messages, and videos, check out the website by clicking here.


Thank you to SHC Nurses: A Visit from Our PAWS Dogs

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