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Improving Staff Engagement on K6

Shared Leadership Council Project Oversight

Goal: To increase staff engagement in all unit performance improvement initiatives

Submitted by Joanne Meneses, MSN, RN, Caritas Nurse, K6 PCM

K6 designed and implemented a creative method to improve their HCAHPs 'Care Transitions' scores while simultaneously increasing staff engagement in all unit performance improvement initiatives. SLC members were leveraged as champions for subcommittees including HCAHPs, StandOut, CAUTI, CLABSI, SPH/Fall, PNDP, Sunshine Council/Social Commitee, AvaSys and Voalte Champions, to name a few.


K6's SLC eagerly agreed to this new proposal because it provided clear structure and organizational alignment for their overall work while also increasing their leadership opportunities. Working together, the K6 management team and SLC developed sub-committee expectations and reporting guidelines for both the Champions and SLC members.

Key players involved in the initial build of this innovative structure:

The K6 Management Team: Joanne Meneses, K6 PCM; Phuong-Thao Nguyen, K6 APCM; Susan Wallace, K6 APCM; Doshia Williams, K6 Unit Educator

The K6 Shared Leadership Council Members (2020-2022): Marie Perez, RN (Coordinating Council, Unit Chair); Christina Bedolla-Reyes (Education/Practice, Unit Co-Chair); Jami Perez, RN (Quality/Informatics), Brian Le (Magnet/Professional Development); Jessica Franz (Research, Technology, Innovation); Tina Le (K6 SLC alternate).

The Care Transitions Champions: Minh-thy Ha, RN and Margaret Vuong, RN

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The Successful Outcomes

K6's project was very successful and it empowered its SLC team to grow their leadership skills while positively impacting the unit and patient care. The other benefits of this project included:

  • K6’s overall performance in Care Transitions improved significantly (see graphs below).

  • This model of collaboration between SLC and Champions provides opportunities for leadership development for many K6 RNs that want to get involved in unit improvement and are passionate about a particular aspect of patient care delivery.

  • Ultimately, this model has created a sense of shared ownership for all unit improvement work, patient outcomes, and overall performance metrics.

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