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Nurse Residency Program (NRP)

Submitted by the CEPD

The Stanford Nurse Residency Program (NRP) received National Accreditation as a Practice Transition Program through the American Nurses Credentialling Center in April 2021. The program has expanded in both volume and landscape since 2019. In 2019, 50 nurse residents were hired into our AAU Medicine, AAU Surgical, Oncology and Float Pool regions. Since then, our volume of nurse residents has more than doubled and we are supporting the transition to practice of nurse residents in the critical care regions, clinical trials/nursing research department and the clinical decision unit of the adult emergency department. We are continuing this expansion into 2022 with the expansion of our program into the following regions: inpatient psychiatry, adult emergency department and peri-anesthesia.

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NRP: Our Program

Thoughtfully designed for highly motivated, determined, and compassionate new graduate nurses, this comprehensive one-year program includes 300+ hours of clinical orientation with a dedicated preceptor, supplemental education and training seminars and immersive simulation to support the successful development of newly graduated clinical nurses. Our rigorous curriculum integrates Vizient’s three principle domains (leadership, professional role and quality outcomes) and is guided by Watson Caring Science. The overarching goal of our program is to develop competent, compassionate, and committed clinical nurses who make a positive impact in the lives of our patients. 

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Watson Caring Science


Dedicated preceptorship utilizing the tiered-skill acquisition model for precepting.


Team-building activities and peer support sessions to encourage mentorship and relationship building.

Seminar Sessions

Comprehensive seminar sessions facilitated by clinical practice and educational specialists to support the resident’s transition into their highly specialized work environment

Check- Ins

Multiple collaborative check-in meetings that include the resident, preceptor, unit leadership team, unit educator, clinical nurse specialist and NRP team member to support the resident throughout their transition to practice over 12 months


High fidelity simulation to promote clinical reasoning, problem solving and prioritization.


Collaborative partnership with professional practice and quality improvement departments to support the nurse resident in the completion of a robust evidence-based practice project.

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We are committed to growing the nursing professional and have created a robust webinar series to support nursing students as they begin the process of seeking employment. We host a robust webinar series on application preparation (resume and cover letter writing) and interview preparation (strategies for successful interviewing) for any student or prospective applicant. Our audience includes local students and students from across the country representing ADN, BSN and MSN programs. We have solidified strong community partnerships with our local schools and participate in lectures, lunch and learns, webinars and Q/A sessions as well as activity serve as members of their school advisory boards.

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