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Nursing Grand Rounds

Nursing Grand Rounds (NGR), sponsored by CNE Dale Beatty, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, is a platform for internal dissemination of nursing initiatives, strategic programs, emerging and solidified evidence-based practices, and the experiences of dynamic teams. This engaging forum highlights the work and clinical expertise of nurses from across the organization. Since the pandemic, NGR has been held virtually which has allowed it to reach a broader audience than ever before. All nurses and healthcare professionals are invited to attend Nursing Grand Rounds each month as we come together to share our experiences and elevate the care that we provide for our patients and their families.


As a world class institution, SHC offers a plethora of nursing experts and dedicated clinicians who are committed to providing innovative care and strategic advancements while continuing to build a culture of excellence in nursing.

Below are several examples of SHC's informative NGRs from 2021.

Nursing Grand Rounds

Jan NGR.png
NGR April 2021.png
NGR July pic Flyer.png
September 2021 NGR. Updated FLyer.eb.png
NGR Flyer October 2021.png
Feb 2021
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